Only Mercedes Vehicles,
latest models 2016/2017.
all outfitted with Wi-Fi.

Our Fleet

Car Rental with driver in Milan, all our vehicles are Mercedes Benz 2016/2017

We provide Rental Service with Driver in Milan and the Malpensa airport of Milan; travel on prestigious vehicles and mini-vans; the transfer is going to be in complete comfort and safety. All our vehicles are authorized to drive on fast tracks, in historic areas of all Italian cities, and during days of either total or partial traffic block. All our vehicles are provided of maximum insurance coverage for each passenger. We are able to satisfy your requests also for group transfers to airports and tourist areas. Book your Rental with Driver with MJ Service, rely on the professionalism and the experience of our Drivers.

Mercedes Benz E-Class

The fifth generation of the E-Class, branded W213, available in the MJ Service fleet, is outfitted with radar system and sensors that guarantee a high level of assisted driving, a step forward to the so-called “automated driving”.
E-Class, indeed, is able to drive in automatic mode up to 130 km/h, even without horizontal signage, automatically calibrating the safety distance and the steering movements.

Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive
Total protection. Comfort and safety on the E-Class get to a new dimension, thanks to the new and furtherly perfected systems of assistance, and thanks to the PRE-SAFE® 360° system.

Mercedes Benz V-Class

The refined environment of the V-Class must be added to the list of your favorite places. So, get ready to discover its accurate design, realized with selected first quality materials. During night travels, the suggestive ambient lighting of the V-Class creates a pleasant and unique atmosphere on board. With its safety and assistance systems to the driving, the V-Class provides support in a wide range of travels, allowing to drive with agility, in safety and relax. The concept of safety Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive is endowed with systems at the forefront, as the Distromic, which automatically maintains safe distance; the Intelligent Light System with LED technology, the Collision Prevention Assist, and two packages on demand, with assisted parking system activated, and the camera for assisted reverse course. This allows our passengers to travel each kilometer in total safety; and all the other street users take advantage of the exemplar safety level guaranteed by V-Class.


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